3 Treatments to Help Combat the Sagging of the Buttocks

Discover three treatments that help in the fight against the sagging of the buttocks and the best exercises to get a bum bum firm.

To get firmness in the buttocks or any other part of the body, physical exercise is essential. In this sense, the practice of weight training combined with the application of some treatments can have a very positive result in the fight against the sagging of the buttocks.

As such, if you have neglected the care of your body and power, it is time to regain control and get back to feeling well on all levels.


The loss of collagen fibers as they grow older is inevitable, as well as the loss of muscle. More rapid and pronounced will be this scenario if you have behaviors desirable as not having a balanced diet, you do not have a steady weight, do not exercise and do not moisturize properly. See how these situations can affect your body:

  • Aging: as we age, changes occur in the fibers of the skin, reduction in muscle mass and a loss of tonicity of the muscles;
  • Sedentary lifestyle: lack of physical exercise, weakens the muscles and causes sagging of the skin;
  • Weight loss sudden: by a very pleasant may be the feeling of get rid of pounds more, when this happens too fast, may cause excessive stretch of the skin, resulting in a body flaccid. The same happens with weight fluctuations accentuated;
  • Hormonal changesafter menopause, the care of the sagging should be redoubled to keep the skin with a firm consistency, because what happens, inevitably, to a decrease of collagen and elastin, fibers that give support to the skin;
  • Genetic predisposition: some individuals may have the structure of the skin changed, with a decrease or alteration of the collagen and elastin fibers.

3 Treatments to Help Combat the Sagging of the Buttocks 1


Nas Clínicas BodyScience will find several treatments to combat sagging of the buttocks. Bodyshape, radio Frequency Tripolar Cronus or Powershape are some of the treatments that will help you have a silhouette more firm and toned, with the advantage of being able to have the first assessment consultation free of charge, without the need of any commitment.

These three treatments can be used in two different kinds of flaccidity: tissue and muscle.

  • The sagging tissue or skin is caused by the gradual loss of collagen and elastin fibers of the skin, being more evident in areas such as arms, legs, buttocks, abdomen and face.
  • The muscular flaccidity is caused by the weakening of the muscle, due to the lack of stimuli, or exercise, both in body and in face.

Know, then, the treatments that you can do:


This treatment combines the electrical stimulation (muscle stimulation) technology filters HydroSun triggers the biochemical process of oxidation of fats, and this is the energy used in muscle contraction induced by the current of Kotz.

With the Bodyshape, the body is induced to burn fat and tone muscles in areas such as the abdomen, hips, thighs, chest or arms.


With the radio Frequency Tripolar Cronus Body can reduce cellulite and flaccidity, thereby managing to lose those inches that simply insist on not disappear.

This is the case, given that this technology allows to act on the different skin layers, the more superficial to deep, providing a combined action, which helps to increase the efficiency of the treatment and greatly reduce the time required for the same.

3 Treatments to Help Combat the Sagging of the Buttocks 2


This treatment allows the incorporation of three different methods, and complementary to, that will help solve the problem of sagging, as well as cellulite and localized fat:

  • Ultrasound High Penetration/Convergent: acts directly on fat cells, breaking up the structures more difficult, for a later elimination of the fat by the lymphatic system and by the body itself;
  • Mechanical stimulation/Suction: performs a massage local deep, through the process of suction, as if it were a lymphatic drainage mechanical;
  • Radio frequency Tripolar: applied in the superficial layer, with the objective of promoting the toning of the tissues, combat sagging, boost the heating of fat cells and speed up the metabolism of fat.



– Running –

  1. Foot, to replicate the motion of sitting down, keeping your back straight, chest high, taking the basin in the direction, and flexing the knees at a 90 ° angle;
  2. Return to standing position and repeat the movement 12 times;
  3. To increase the intensity, you can keep down and do 12 reps “how to”.


3 Treatments to Help Combat the Sagging of the Buttocks 3

– Running –

  1. Foot, to replicate the motion of sitting down, keeping your back straight, chest high, taking the basin in the direction, and flexing the knees at a 90 ° angle;
  2. In this position, take a jump and stand on your feet;
  3. Then go down and crouch, and repeat the exercise 12 times.


– Running –

  1. Foot, take a step to the front and flita the knee of the front to form a 90-degree angle (never letting this go beyond the tip of the foot);
  2. Return to starting position and repeat movement with the opposite leg;
  3. Repeat the sequence 12 times for each leg.


  1. On a mat or with the body perpendicular to an exercise bench to support the back in the same and place the bar on top of the area of the basin;
  2. Lift the bowl up to stay with the body aligned and contract your gluteus for 2 seconds;
  3. Return to starting position slowly and repeat the movement until prefazer 12 repetitions.