8 Exercises to Tone Up Your Face and Gain More Strength

With these exercises for toning the face will feel more beautiful and healthy, seeing significant differences in the firmness of your skin. Give it a try.

To feel beautiful you need to feel good with your face and, with the passing of the years, it is normal for the skin to keep it young, firm, and bright as in the flower of age. Therefore, and before “feeling on the skin”, you should take some precautions from an early age.

The face is formed by 50 different muscles that are rarely used. To add to this fact, the force of time and the lack of daily care, contribute to increase the laxity, decrease the brightness and firmness of the skin.

It is therefore very important that you perform some exercises to tone up the face, to stimulate blood circulation in all parts of the face, thus keeping the levels of oxygen and nutrients in all the cells of the muscles and skin. A firm skin, bright, healthy and wrinkle-free is the result.


There are 8 exercises that you are going to present, and help to invigorate the face and reduce wrinkles, are the more marked, or the so-called “wrinkles of expression”.

Start by placing comfortable, with clean skin and apply a moisturizing cream so that the exercises become more comfortable also.


It may seem strange, but believe me, if you do this frequently, will significantly reduce certain lines of expression in the area of the eyelids. So let’s explain.

8 Exercises to Tone Up Your Face and Gain More Strength 1

– Running –

  1. Start by forming a triangle with each of your hands, using your thumb and index fingers.
  2. Then, place the index finger on the eyebrow, thumb on the apple of the face and open your eyes as much as you can for three seconds, pressing with the fingers.
  3. Close your eyes for 3 seconds feeling the tension in the eyelids. Make in the same time on both sides of the face and repeat 10 times.
  4. At the end close your eyes, relax and massage with the fingers on these areas of the face.


This is one of the easiest because it involves doing what we all love the most. Smile. So here we go.

– Running –

  1. Start by showing the teeth with the biggest smile and press your jaw with the index finger.
  2. Then, push the lips together, to the front the more they get during 10 seconds and return to starting position. Repeat 15 to 20 times and rest.
  3. Finish this exercise by making little beats with the tips of the fingers from the base of the face until the forehead.


This exercise is ideal for the case you already have some wrinkles, even that of expression, marked in the area of the cheek and lips.

– Running –

  1. Start by closing the mouth and fill your mouth of air, as if it were the same to fill up a balloon, but without letting out the air.
  2. Hold the air for 5 seconds and exhale deeply. Repeat 5 times and rest.


If in the previous exercise, the idea was to fill the mouth of the air so as to leave the cheeks the more stretched as possible, in this exercise we will do exactly the opposite.

– Running –

  1. Suck the cheeks into the mouth, removing all the air as you can, for 10 seconds.
  2. Then inhale and exhale deeply and repeat 5 more times.


Such as snow White, focus your gaze in a mirror.

8 Exercises to Tone Up Your Face and Gain More Strength 2

– Running –

  1. After focusing on the look in the mirror, start to perform the larger number of grimaces, winks, and moves that get trying to mess all the muscles that you have on your face, even those that didn’t know that existed.

Looks like a fun exercise and strange, but will be able to work in a little bit of all the muscles of your face.


– Running –

  1. Focusing again on the eyelids, place the two thumbs on the opening of the eyes and pull them back, to look with the eyes of a chinese.
  2. Flashes for 15 seconds and rest 1 minute.
  3. Repeat this exercise 5 times.


The skin that surrounds our mouth is one of the more sensitive areas of the face and posterization, since very early on, certain expression lines.

– Running –

  1. Place your thumbs in the outer corners of your lips and the indicators in the same place, however the inside of the mouth.
  2. Try to form The letter “o” with the mouth while applying a certain pressure from the inside to the outside with the fingers, the lips.


The neck is also one of the main targets when talking of exercises for toning the face, because that is one of the great revelators of the age.

8 Exercises to Tone Up Your Face and Gain More Strength 3

– Running –

  1. With chin high, stretch the more we get the lower lip up, for 5 seconds, and then down, 5 more seconds.
  2. Rest and repeat 10 times.


The key benefits of these exercises to tone up the face are:

  • Strengthen the muscles;
  • Reduce, or delay the appearance of wrinkles;
  • Increase blood circulation;
  • Release tension in the face and neck;
  • To reaffirm and strengthen the skin.

Should you implement these exercises in your routine skin, about 5 times a week for 20 minutes. Practice these exercises to tone the face every day, to feel the differences and, when already part of your routine, you’ll notice that this time is dedicated exclusively to you, you will know him better and better.


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