9 Body Treatments to Try in 2019

Through innovative technologies and a clinical staff of an exception, in clinical BodyScience is the body treatments that you should try out in 2019.

We all want to be the best version of ourselves, and the purpose, we have nine body treatments the experiment in 2019.

The trick for the body you’ve always wanted is a balanced lifestyle, where exercise and eating healthy coexist hand in hand, because nothing is achieved by chance and relying only on the good results that these treatments of the body can bring.

After you do your part, learn how the professionals of the aesthetic medicine in the Clinical BodySciencecan help you feel even better on all levels. Set your goals and know that the first assessment consultationis free.



Cellulite, localized fat and flaccidity: there are many women who wish to end up with all three of these problems, and that both can affect the self-esteem of any one. But, with this treatment that you can more easily say goodbye to these scourges body who dare not disappear in other ways.

This non-invasive treatment is available in Clinics BodyScience, it is a combination of three techniques, and can be applied in various areas of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms, among others.


If you have the chance to say goodbye to several aspects that can leave you embarrassed and with a low self-esteem, what would you do? The Bodyshape can be the solution to improve your general well-being, since it allows to eliminate fat, lose weight and tone the body quickly and securely, when combined care with the appropriate power.

9 Body Treatments to Try in 2019 1

This is a treatment of electrical stimulation that enables you to make, for example, a 30-minute treatment equivalent to 750 abdominal.


For those who want to lose weight and eliminate fat quickly and safe Liposuction Non-Invasive Titan can be an option without having to resort to surgery.

As such, use of this treatment is a good way to lose weight and eliminate fat quickly and safely in various parts of the body, including the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and legs.


This treatment enables you to reduce the cellulite and flaccidity, so it is the ideal answer for those who want to lose those inches that you simply insist in not fade away, by the very physical exercise that you do and by very careful that it is your power supply.

The technology Tripolar rf acts on the different skin layers, the more superficial to more deep, that allows you to provide a type of combined action, which helps to increase the efficiency of the treatment and greatly reduce the time needed for the duration of the treatment.


If the elimination of cellulite and skin reaffirmed the objectives, then you should try Endermologie LPG, a technique that aims to treat the tissues skin and subcutaneous, in any part of the body and whose results are surprised by the effectiveness at all levels.

The Endermologie LPG is a lymphatic drainage effective and without risks, as it is based on physiological principles, which enables to reduce water retention and promote the correct functioning of the venous and lymphatic systems.

9 Body Treatments to Try in 2019 2


This treatment allows the incorporation of three different methods, and complementary to, that will help solve the problem of localized fat and achieve a firm skin without sagging and without cellulite, namely:

  • Ultrasound Converged: for the treatment of localized fat;
  • Radio frequency Tripolar Cronus: to get a firm skin without sagging;
  • Mechanical stimulation and suction: to help in slimming and combating cellulite.


For fluid retention, poor circulation and cellulite no longer a problem, Clínicas BodyScience offer a solution that makes the difference that guarantees immediate results and long-lasting.

The Bodywave is a method vibromagnético innovative, which allows treatments localized and sequential, which allows to eliminate effectively the cellulite, activate the circulation and regenerating the skin in depth.

The pressure therapy is the ideal treatment to eliminate cellulite, localized fat and facilitate blood circulation. This treatment can incorporate three distinct processes in a single method:

  • Therapies infrared for treatment of body fat;
  • Pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage;
  • Electro-stimulation and low-frequency to reshape the silhouette, to promote weight loss, speed up metabolism and linfodrenagem.

9 Body Treatments to Try in 2019 3


A smooth skin and without by the not achieved without effort and without all those boring maintenance monthly which can be painful in the body and also in the portfolio.

As such, choose to win lasting comfort allows you to get the elegance of a smooth body by. With the Fotodepilação das Clínicas BodyScience, the hairs may be removed from all parts of the body, including the back, arms, legs, chest, areas public.