9 Facial Treatments to Try in 2019

Nas clínicas BodyScience is the facial treatments that you must try in 2019 and that will make her feel more beautiful than ever. Give it a try.

To take care of the skin and have a complexion is resplendent at any time of year, watch out for the ninefacial treatments that you must try in 2019 and what will be the best version of itself.

It is undeniable that our guy is even a real business card when we meet someone, so it is important to feel really at our best, even if that means resorting to these treatments of the face that must try in 2019.

Being that the skin is the largest organ of the human body and needs special care to be always beautiful, lush and healthy, it is necessary to have daily care, which will be the fundamental basis for if you feel well, and this passes through three simple tips that all people should have:

  • Washing with the appropriate products;
  • Using moisturizer;
  • Put sunscreen according to the age and skin type.


Stress, poor diet, excessive sun, tobacco, hormonal changes and pollution, are factors that interfere negatively in the process of cell renewal, which commits the hydration of the skin, impairing the appearance. As such, whenever necessary, there are facial treatments that will make all the difference.

9 Facial Treatments to Try in 2019 1


The Chemical Peeling is the Master Repair is an innovative treatment, painless and safe, which allows you to keep the uniformity of the skin, which is one of the signs of youth.

Its advantage is that it lets you delete and roll back with effectively stains of the face, such as melasma and other hiperpigmentações melânicas, through exfoliation, deep skin, stimulating the production of collagen and the regeneration of the dermis.


The Anti-aging BodySkin is one of the treatments most complete in the cosmetics modern and is divided into three distinct phases leading to a final result close to perfection, returning to health, beauty and vitality you are looking for:

  • Peeling, that can help to remove dead skin cells;
  • Regeneration, which returns to the skin’s health and vitality, promoting the strength and elasticity of the skin;
  • Laser that helps treat the wrinkle.


The anti-aging program intensive Powerskin, aims to help eliminate the effects of skin aging, because it causes a greater stimulation of the defense mechanisms of the body, which fight against the aging process physiological of the skin.

The effects are visible immediately after the first session, being, therefore, possible to start to say good bye to blemishes, wrinkles and imperfections.


The radio Frequency Tripolar Cronus is one of the most advanced systems in the world to help in the treatment of problems of the face, since it allows it to work in the deepest layers of the skin, working on a variety of issues, such as a double chin, sagging skin and aging skin.

9 Facial Treatments to Try in 2019 2

The successful results are due to the thermal power, which reaches a high concentration of energy, helping to greatly reduce the time required to obtain the best results at the level of skin rejuvenation.


The PerfectSkin effectively acts on various problems of the skin: tendency to acne-prone, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores.

Once you try it, you may be able to skin more alive, beautiful and rejuvenated right after the first session, given that the treatment makes a desquamation gradual in the skin, stimulating the smooth skin and the production of collagen, providing the birth of a skin more luminous, hydrated, rejuvenated, and able to fight the marks of time.


This treatment is perfect to be able to say goodbye to the signs of tiredness that you don’t like and go back to having a face more radiant, luminous and rejuvenated.

Is a process non-invasive, next-generation, done through a spatula with ultrasound technology, which allows for a scaling of the surface layer of the skin, helping to make it more youthful, smooth and healthy.


It is not only during the teenage years that acne becomes a problem. Unfortunately you can appear throughout life and can actually be very difficult to treat, so in these cases, the Chemical Peel Stop Acne System is the treatment that should try.

Has the power to help activate the profound restructuring of the skin, through a scaling phase of the dermis and stimulation of collagen, resulting in new skin that is born without signs of acne issues, at the same time helps in the treatment and elimination of the manifestations of the already existing ones.

9 Facial Treatments to Try in 2019 3


The microdermabrasion is considered to be the most effective method for a skin smooth, bright and cared for and adaptable to any skin type.

The great advantage is that it is a technology non-invasive, which acts with diamond tips, which tone and rejuvenate the skin, helping to fight in this way, the sagging, aging, acne and small scars.


The photo-epilation is not just for the body, but also to eliminate once and for all by the face.

So, this is the starting point to begin to say goodbye to the discomfort of the hair and the tedious routine of waxing or another method, besides the expenditure with the process.

All these treatments can be done at Clínicas BodyScience, so call now to arrange your assessment consultation totally free of charge!