Get to Know the 14 Beauty Brands That Do Not Test on Animals!

More and more beauty brands that do not test on animals and do justice to the motto that beauty cannot be at any cost. What will be?

It is increasingly a priority of consumers: use beauty brands that do not test on animals and thus contribute to a better world and more fair, but also to have the assurance of quality in the products that we use daily.

Already in 2013, the European Union has banned testing cosmetics on animals, however, this still allows many brands may escape the law, because of the existing gaps, in particular local policies outside of the European Union, such as China, whose legislation requires the carrying out tests on animals. In this way, a brand is “cruelty free” may not be 100%. It seems contradictory, but it is what happens in more cases than you can imagine.


According to PETA, the international organization People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, are still many companies that continue to test on animals to have data on pesticides in case something goes wrong with a product and which may cause discontent among consumers.

In addition, the tests on animals are more easy and cheap. The alternative to the correct ethical and morally it is not so, since it requires that the brands to do trials, cells and human tissues, and use advanced techniques that are made on the computer, and studies with volunteers.

Know 14 good examples of beauty brands that do not test on animals and that you probably already use without knowing the status.


Perfumes and lipsticks are the beauty products that stand out and that belong to this brand are colorful and extravagant.

Agatha entered fashion in 1981 with his feminine collection in Madrid, and during this time was the great promoter of the movement “Movida Madrileña”, an artistic revolution and cultural in the years 80.

The commercial success came with the partnership with El Corte Inglés, which allowed us to gain international recognition in competitive markets, such as France, Italy, Colombia, USA, Puerto Rico, Santo Domingo, Tokyo, New York, Moscow.


Belle Anastasia Soare was born in Romania and married to a Portuguese, has launched its brand of the same name with the main salon of Beverly Hills in 1997 and the first product line of the company in 2000.

Soare was the first to introduce the modeling of the eyebrows and the products based on their Method of Modeling the Eyebrows of the Golden Ratio patented, widely credited for the food business multimillionaire that involves the category.

The brand Anastasia Beverly Hills is recognized throughout the industry for innovation, digital and numerous accolades to products like the Brow Wiz, Contour Kit, and Liquid Lipstick.

Get to Know the 14 Beauty Brands That Do Not Test on Animals! 1


The trademark BECCA celebrates the beauty of all skin tones, all the shapes of the face and in all ages, because in the perspective of the brand “all deserve to shine and to have the opportunity to highlight your attributes favorite.”

The goal is to make any person shine in all the right places and thus making each day better than the previous one.


The Catrice never misses a single trend, and, therefore, the range is extremely convincing with a wide variety of colors in modern shades and classic for various visuals.

The brand’s products are made with high quality ingredients, textures and luxurious formulas that are innovative, in a premium package and with a quality / price ratio ideal for all portfolios.


The makeup essence allows access to the best products, inspiring consumers to express himself as he is: with a lot of style, determination and fun way. And, for the brand, this goes for saying no to animal testing and yes to quality with prices affordable way to change up your style whenever you want.


With over 30 years of experience in the world of cosmetology, the Inglot focuses on constant development, which justifies the overall success, since the Oxford Street of London, to the Piazza del Duomo in Milan, passing by Times Square in New York city to the Grand Canal Shoppes in Las Vegas.

But what makes the brand so special are the products, which combine scientific technology with vibrant colors, which resulted in an abundance of impressive products and colors for any fall.

7. L. O. V

The German brand of make up L. O. V has recently presented its new collection, which marks the entry in the Portuguese market, available in the shops Wells and atcosmetics.en, and whose goal is to pay tribute to the super women who defend their ideals and fight for their convictions with charm and beauty.

Get to Know the 14 Beauty Brands That Do Not Test on Animals! 2

The brand offers practical products and quality, from blush, varnishes, lipsticks, spray fixative, illuminators, powder for the eyebrows, all in colors, trendy and metallic, which promise to enhance the beauty of all women, in their individuality.


Fight against testing on animals should be more than a slogan, advocates for the LUSH that puts this motto into practice for more than 30 years and will continue to inform, encourage and participate in the struggle for awareness-raising about the rights of animals.

It is so simple brand philosophy: to create cosmetics using the freshest ingredients, not tested on animals and sold so unpretentious to the customers.


The NABLA is a trademark indie-Italian-born-to-true to its customers, going far beyond the standard conventions of the market and offering products makeup high quality, highly efficient and totally safe to use.

All of our formulas of the brand are extremely innovative, rich in details that make the difference, producing objects end beautiful and practical.


The Apothecary is the ancient name of “pharmacist” and was the name adopted by Miguel Krigsner, for your manipulation pharmacy, which opened to the public on 22 march 1977, in the state of Paraná, in Brazil.

However, the founder wanted more than a simple pharmacy, wanted to create a very nice place, where people feel well, so the shop had a room, carpeted, sofa, magazines and coffee. With the progress of the times, the brand no longer sell only pharmaceuticals, to spend the also sell beauty products.

In September 1986, The Apothecary opens its first store in Portugal in Centro Comercial das Amoreiras has been a pioneer in the exclusive shops of perfumery and cosmetics, and having become, in a short time, a brand very well-known and beloved of the Portuguese.


The brand is famous to praise and to give importance to the moments that give meaning to life and want to imortalizá them with beauty products and aesthetic care that makes each person feel well and happy.

The Rituals is inspired by the wisdom and ancient traditions of asian cultures, creating, thus, an extensive collection of products are luxurious and affordable for the home and for the body, fragrances, signature exclusive that are carefully designed and composed by the best perfumers in the world.

Get to Know the 14 Beauty Brands That Do Not Test on Animals! 3


The history of the brand began in Brighton, England, in 1976, with founder, Anita Roddick, and his belief in something revolutionary: that the business could be a force of good.

Therefore, testing on animals has never been a hypothesis and, as such, the Body Shop use an exhaustive process of analysis in the laboratory:

  1. The analysis in-silico that uses existing data to assess the suitability of similar materials by means of extrapolation;
  2. The skin produced in the laboratory it is grown from human skin cells, which allows security controls in the cells that react in much the same way that the human skin;
  3. To ensure a good tolerance to the people, the brand makes, sometimes, tests of the patch, which involves putting a very small amount of product on the skin of a person to ensure that it is safe and effective;
  4. Also tests are performed with users controlled, in which the people test products for compatibility with the skin and the cosmetic effectiveness, under the supervision of medical experts.


In the 90’s the pink color was little appreciated and valued in the world of cosmetics, until the founders of the brand Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson decided that they wanted to change this panorama.

Were inspired by the love of Paris and by the transforming power of cosmetics, they created the Too Faced, a brand boutique with big dreams and today is a leader in the beauty industry, creating innovative cosmetic, and without the cruelty that women seem to love to use.


Sandy Lerner, co-founder of the brand, took a bold decision: there should be alternate colors in the cosmetics industry, that fulfill your tastes alternative make-up and with this premise was born the Urban Decay in January of 1996 with a line of 10 lipsticks and 12 polishes, with colours inspired by the urban environment and urban environment.