Learn the Best Tricks and Treatments for NY Feet

Learn how to ny the feet can do miracles for your overall well-being. Find out what causes this evil to be and how to treat.

The feet support the weight of the entire body and, as such, tend to swell with ease. There are several causes that can cause swollen feet, which the most common are: pregnancy, overweight, obesity, standing on foot for a prolonged period and, the more common, fluid retention.

Even so, care is needed if you do not get ny feet to the end of some time, given that, in this situation, you may be facing a more serious problem.


To discover the best results for ny feet may not be a simple task, because, due to the difficulties hormone, the body sometimes may not be able to remove the liquids required for the balance of the body.

As a result, there is an increase in weight, swelling, heavy legs and tired. In more severe cases, the remedies most simple and traditional may not be sufficient to resolve the problem, so that, in these cases, there are treatments for ny the foot to which it can appeal.

Are available in the Clínicas BodyScience, so call now to arrange your first free consultation, without commitment, for which you can be proposed an action plan individualized.


This treatment works by using a method vibro magnetic innovative, making it possible to help eliminate cellulite, to improve moments of fluid retention or, in the case of poor blood circulation.

Learn the Best Tricks and Treatments for NY Feet 1

The Bodywave also comprises a strong component therapy, an action anti-swelling, with considerable reduction of pain and feeling of heaviness in the legs, promoting the elimination of liquids and the reduction of inches in the treated areas.


The Endermologie LPG performs a massage to the mechanized action deep, natural, painless, non-invasive and even relaxing, which triggers a process of drainage of the overloads fat.

With your application, you will enjoy a feeling of relaxing body that provides general well-being, and resolution of localised problems, such as ny feet.


To resolve problems such as cellulite, localized fat, fluid retention and promote a general detoxification of the body, pressotherapy is an appropriate treatment.

Nas Clínicas BodyScience, this treatment incorporates three distinct processes in a single treatment: therapies infrared for treatment of body fat; pressotherapy for lymphatic drainage and even Electro-stimulation and low-frequency to reshape the silhouette, to promote weight loss, speed up metabolism and linfodrenagem.


If the swelling in the feet is persistent, it is important to consult a doctor to know what is causing the problem. In the remaining cases, choose to follow these tips.


Although the swelling in feet can be a little painful, sedentary lifestyle can worsen the condition.

The practice of physical exercise, it is one of the best ways to ny feet, given that the activity activates the blood circulation.
You can start by swimming, because it is a low impact exercise and does not imply greater pressure on the ankles, feet and legs.

Learn the Best Tricks and Treatments for NY Feet 2


This plant is very popular for its powerful action diuretic and depurativa, which helps to relieve the symptoms of fluid retention, so reduce the swelling of the feet and ankles.

You can drink tea of dandelion or use this prepared to massage the lower limbs.


This plant has multiple benefits for the body, both internal and external. One of the most important properties is the anti-inflammatory effect and cleaning, which can help combat fluid retention, which affects the lower extremities.

Currently many are already creams that contain this plant and that you can use to moisturize the feet at the end of the day.


Massage for ny the feet is very relaxing, stimulates blood circulation and favours the elimination of liquids retained.

In smooth movements and without excessive pressure, opt for the following essential oils, which have anti-inflammatory properties:

  • Mint;
  • Eucalyptus;
  • Lemon;
  • Lavender.

This tip for ny the feet is quite simple to achieve: you need two bowls large enough to put your feet, where you will put hot water and another where it will put cold water.

After that, you must soak your feet first in hot water, for 3 to 5 minutes maximum; followed by the placement of the feet in a basin of cold water, for 1 or 2 minutes maximum. Repeat the process 3 times.


This is more of a tip very simple for ny feet: just lie down on the bed comfortably with the legs up so the feet are above the level of the heart, for about 5 minutes.

Learn the Best Tricks and Treatments for NY Feet 3