The Treatment of Flaccidity: Options for a Firm Skin, Again

The sagging is developed due to the weakening gradual of fibres of support of skin. Currently there are already effective techniques for the treatment of sagging.

Many women struggle daily to gain the “perfect body”, to get rid of numerous problems unattractive, like for example the sagging. Fortunately, these days there are already effective techniques for the treatment of sagging, which help to restore the elasticity of the skin and regain the lost form.

The sagging is a process of slow and progressive, usually due to physical ageing, which occurs a weakening of the fibres of support of skin, namely collagen and elastin. In this process the epidermis is thinner or smaller in thickness, the number of fibroblasts decreases and, in turn, the amount of collagen also. Also occurs a progressive loss of the micro-circulation in the dermis.

This process can also be accelerated due to other factors such as pregnancy, hormonal disorders, obesity, weight loss, poor diet and lack of physical activity, causing this last, a sagging deeper, the muscle.

The areas most affected by the sagging, and consequently, the more are subject to the treatment of flaccidity are usually specific areas such as the abdominal area, thighs, buttocks or arms.

The Treatment of Flaccidity Options for a Firm Skin, Again 1


When the goal is to leave the skin firm for a fast and efficient way, the aesthetic treatments may give that strength was missing.

The Clinical BodyScience have treatments for sagging that they ensure visible effects since the first session. This clinic provides the first assessment consultation free of charge, without any commitment. Thanks to natural processes and non-invasive, and achieves quick and lasting results through the following treatments:

  • Lipo3action: program is a non-invasive and very complete in the area of aesthetic medicine to aid in the elimination of localized fat, combat cellulite and sagging.
  • Radio frequency Tripolar Cronus: it is a device of radio frequency of the last generation that has the technology tripolar. This appliance generates heat surface and also acts deeply on the skin in the stimulation of collagen, promoting the support her through the contraction of the fibres and a possible remodeling, in addition to aid in the production of new fibers.
  • Bodyshape: a technology that burns calories without pain, and that, in a 30-minute treatment, allows the same result of 750 abdominal.
  • Powershape: a treatment that combines three technologies in the same handset: ultra-sounds converged, the rf, tripolar rf, mechanical stimulation and suction. The radio frequency and vacuum suction to prepare the skin for the laser, which breaks up the fat cells.

The effects are visible in the contour and shape of the body, since the first treatment, without the need for surgery.

Contraindications: pregnancy, use of silicone implants, heart pacemaker, thrombosis, and tumors.


The Treatment of Flaccidity Options for a Firm Skin, Again 2


To combat sagging, maintain a healthy diet, and according to the nutritional needs of the individual is paramount, and keeping the proportions of the wheel of food. Daily, your diet should include: fruits, vegetables, tubers, and whole grains, legumes (peas, beans, etc.), meat, fish and eggs, milk and dairy products, good fats and water.

It is also important to include foods rich in collagen, being that you can find in proteins of animal origin, such as meat, eggs, gelatin, and salmon.

In addition to all this, is not too much to remember that the consumption of soft drinks, sugar, alcoholic beverages and processed food should be reduced or eliminated completely from your diet.


The application of creams that have in their composition, the coenzyme Q10, collagen, elastin or retinol can the best results in the prevention of sagging.

Daily, after bathing, apply a good moisturizing cream with the help of a massage quickly in a circular motion upward.


Prefer baths with warm water and finish with jets of icy water, that increase the tonicity and the production of collagen. The application of a gel to the base of camphor, asian centella, or menthol, also helps tone.


The Treatment of Flaccidity Options for a Firm Skin, Again 3

To combat sagging, it is necessary to combine the factors described above with the practice of exercises physical. One of the workouts most effective is weight training, which will increase muscle mass, burn fat and tone.

Workouts of high intensity are also effective in reducing body fat, helping to reach the final goal.


Habits such as drinking plenty of water, avoid expose yourself much to the sun and always use sunscreen, sleep poorly, smoke, and do not moisturize the skin are among the habits that contribute to the worsening of sagging.

Do not forget that you should always give priority to healthy lifestyle habits so that the results remain over time. If you want to introduce clinical treatments for the treatment of sagging, choose a location and team of professionals that will ensure the safety and outcomes of same.

Nas Clínicas BodyScience can count with a team of experts who ensure all the procedures. Book your free assessment consultation and find out what are the best treatments for you.

You can opt for a treatment of sagging to mitigate your problem, if you want to opt for clinical treatments, however you should always keep healthy life habits so that the results remain over time.