Want to Feel Better With Your Skin? Get to Know the Skin Treatment Most Suited to You!

A skin nourished, moisturized and bright makes all the difference in self-esteem. See which is the skin treatment that is most appropriate for your case and get a radiant skin.

The skin is constantly exposed to different agents that can affect its appearance, like the wind, the cold, the sun, the tobacco, the make-up and creams that you use. So, it is extremely important to choose the skin treatment that best suits your skin and that will help you resolve the issues that most concern you.

In addition, from a certain age, and for many people, all the tricks to look younger are welcome. Not necessarily because refuses to age, but rather because it is important to feel good with their look and, with this, to feel cared for and valued.

Wrinkles, sagging, stains, or double chin are situations that do not require permission to enter in our lives. Break out the body inside and insist on not to leave, so, choose a skin treatment appropriate is extremely important.


As modern medicine evolves in such a way that, currently, there is a great variety in the level of treatment of the skin, non-invasive, painless and ensures efficient results you can count on.

Nas clínicas BodyScience the increase of self-worth is taken seriously, always taking into account each person’s profile, needs and expectations. So, you can get a first free assessment consultation at any time, in one of the clinics in Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Guimarães or Póvoa de Varzim. There you will always find a team of experienced professionals that will help you meet your goals realistically and safely.

In the treatment of skin concerns, see what are your options.


To eliminate and reverse the stains of the face, such as melasma and other hiperpigmentações, Chemical Peeling Master Repair is the treatment to know.

This treatment scales skin deeply, through various degrees of exfoliation, stimulating collagen and helping to regenerate the dermis. As a final result you will get a skin more uniform and luminous.

Want to Feel Better With Your Skin Get to Know the Skin Treatment Most Suited to You! 1


The Anti-aging BodySkin is one of the treatments are non-invasive most complete aesthetic medicine modern. It is divided into three distinct phases:

  • Peeling: that helps remove dead skin cells;
  • Regeneration: that returns to the skin’s health and vitality, promoting the strength and elasticity of the skin;
  • Laser: which helps treat the wrinkles.

The application allows you to maintain a younger looking skin, allowing you to bring back the luminosity and firmness lost.


It is an anti-aging program intensive and was created with the goal of helping to reverse the effects of aging of the skin. This is achieved because it is made a greater stimulation of the defense mechanisms of the body, which fight against the aging process physiological of the skin.


This treatment is one of the most advanced methods in the world to help solve the problems of the face, given that it acts on the deeper layers of the skin. It is also appropriate to resolve problems such as double chin, sagging skin and aging skin.

Want to Feel Better With Your Skin Get to Know the Skin Treatment Most Suited to You! 2


This skin treatment is done through the use of chemical exfoliants, which work effectively on the skin, combating the tendency for the appearance of acne, hyperpigmentation and enlarged pores. In addition, yet helps to eliminate deep marks on the face.


This is the treatment of the skin ideal to begin to say goodbye to signs of fatigue that are increasingly more evident in your skin.

The benefits of Facial Peeling Ultrasonic can help make your face more radiant, luminous and rejuvenated.


The Stop-Acne System is an aesthetic treatment type peeling, formulated by experts and able to help hang the manifestations of acne on the skin.

Its success lies in the fact that help activate the profound restructuring of the skin, through a scaling phase of the dermis and stimulation of collagen, giving rise to the birth of a new skin free of problems.


The Microdermobrasão is a treatment that can be applied on any skin type and therefore it is considered by many experts as the most effective method to get a smooth skin, bright and well cared for.

This happens thanks to the diamond tips that tone and rejuvenate the skin, helping to fight in this way, the sagging, aging skin and acne.


The hairs are a constant concern not only in body but also in the face, making the routine of hair removal is uncomfortable and can leave marks bothersome.

Want to Feel Better With Your Skin Get to Know the Skin Treatment Most Suited to You! 3

With the Fotodepilação Laser and Pulsed Light, one of the latest methods in the field of permanent hair removal of the face, you may remove the facial hair quickly, effectively and safely.