Want to Know How to Disguise Dark Circles? Discover 11 Effective Treatments!

Who has thanks the clarification and tricks to learn how to disguise dark circles. If it is also your case, stay tuned and do away with this problem.

The dark circles underneath the eyes are many common in men and women and can actually age to any one. So, we give various tips to learn how to disguise dark circles.

Although they can affect anyone, the dark circles are more common in people:

  • Elderly;
  • That have a genetic predisposition to this condition, which is called hyperpigmentation periorbital;
  • Have darker skin tones.


Although fatigue is the more likely explanation for the appearance of dark circles, there are several other factors that can contribute to its emergence. Find out what they are.


And this includes several situations, such as sleeping more hours than those that you’re used to little sleep, hours of irregular sleep and extreme fatigue.

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The natural aging of the human being is another common cause for the appearance of dark circles. This happens because as we age the skin gets thinner, loses fat and collagen needed to maintain skin elasticity. As a result, the blood vessels under the skin become more visible, making the area below the eyes becomes darker.


Many hours in front of the computer, television, phone, or tablet may cause a significant pressure in the eyes which, in turn, may lead to an increase of the blood vessels around the eyes, making the same dim.


When you have an allergic reaction, the body releases histamine as a response to harmful bacteria. In addition to causing uncomfortable symptoms, such as itching, redness and swollen eyes, the medications are anti-histamines also cause your blood vessels to dilate and become more visible under the skin.


It never hurts to remember that our body constantly needs water, and that this is vital to the proper functioning of all organs and to provide a minimum of well-being. And more a consequence of not hydrate properly it is precisely the appearance of dark circles.


Being in the sun too long also has its consequences, since it leads to excess production of melanin, the pigment that gives color to the skin and that, in cases of excessive, can cause darkening around the eyes.

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The history of the family can also get yourself a rum important role in the development of dark circles under the eyes. And both can be a trait visible since the childhood, as it may be something that worsens as you age.


Being so many and different reasons for the appearance of age spots, unsightly, must, then, have multiple care that go through a routine, robust skin care, focusing on products with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. In addition, and thanks to science, there are also medical treatments that can help recover the look you want.


Are small tricks that you can do daily and that help you look more fresh, rejuvenated and rest.

  • Cold compresses: the application helps to reduce the swelling and shrink the dilated blood vessels, thus, decreases the appearance of under-eye puffiness and helps eliminate dark circles;
  • Get more sleep: the hours indicated of sleep (between 7 to 8 hours) also help to improve the appearance of dark circles, given that sleep deprivation can cause your skin to appear pale, making dark circles more obvious;
  • Elevate your head: sleeping with your head a little higher than the rest of the body prevents the fluid from building up under the eyes, which can make them appear puffy and look tired;
  • Put tea bags cold on top of the eyes, preferably with caffeine, as that can help to stimulate the blood circulation, shrink the blood vessels and reduce the fluid retention under the skin;
  • Use a good broker of dark circles under the eyes.

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For a more effective solution and permanent, and when home treatments fail, you can count on with the world of beauty which presents some successful solutions. The foolproof methods include:

  • Chemical peels to reduce the pigmentation;
  • Laser surgery to resurface the skin and improve the hardening of the skin;
  • Tattoos medical to inject pigment in areas of skin thinning;
  • Filling of fabric to hide blood vessels and melanin that causes discoloration of the skin below your eyes;
  • Blepharoplasty, surgery of fat removal to remove excess fat and skin, revealing a smoother surface and a uniform;
  • Surgical implants of greasy products or synthetic.

However, before deciding on any cosmetic procedure, review your options with a doctor you trust. Although very common, do not cease to be medical treatments expensive, some are invasive and have side effects.