Want to Stay in Shape? This Is the Christmas Gift of Itself to Itself!

This festive season do something different and buy a Christmas gift for yourself and pamper yourself as there is so much does not. The BodyScience gives a good help!

By much comfortable you are with your body, we believe that there is always something that I’d like to improve it for the benefit of your well-being. As such, the BodyScience thought of something very special for this season… So why not offer a Christmas gift to herself? It is very simple: the BodyScience is to offer 500 vouchers of 250€ to spend where and however you want.

This is even the opportunity to take care of yourself and treat what you like least on your face and body or to give that touch that you lack to feel even more confident and secure of herself.

Want to Stay in Shape This Is the Christmas Gift of Itself to Itself! 1

Nas clínicas BodyScience is the most advanced technologies that operate efficiently, fast and surprising, always thinking of your safety, comfort and health and that aimed at the promotion of health, well-being, satisfaction, longevity and quality of life of each client.


If it was the best news he has received in recent times, so we explain all you need to do to win one of the vouchers of 250€ the clinics BodyScience have to offer. The process is very simple to do, will occupy you for a few seconds and it may be even worth it:

  1. Fill out the form;
  2. Receive the voucher in the e-mail address;
  3. To print or save in a digital format;
  4. Use in a clinical BodyScience your choice.

This offer is limited to 500 vouchers and is only valid for those who have an appointment until 31 December 2018, being that the discount is applied in the acquisition of the prescribed treatment, and that go according to your goals and expectations.

Is not combinable with other campaigns or promotions. In addition, you may begin to pay the remaining amount of the treatment chosen only in 2019.


Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Guimarães and Póvoa de Varzim: these are the clinical BodyScience in Portugal and where you can use the voucher of 250€.


In the treatments is concerned, there is not any limit, since the voucher can be used in any treatment of the face or body. So, regardless of what you want, is to lose the localized fat, eliminate inches or unwanted weight loss without any pain or surgeries, everything is possible.

Want to Stay in Shape This Is the Christmas Gift of Itself to Itself! 2

Check out all the available treatments of the body in the clinics BodyScience:

  • Lipo3Action: ideal to combat the localized fat, cellulite and sagging skin, without surgery or risks;
  • Consultation on Nutrition and eating habits, to help you forget about extreme diets and adopt a more balanced diet, healthy and responsive to the needs of your body;
  • Bodyshape: burn fat and tone muscles quickly, safely and without effort;
  • Liposuction non-Invasive Titan: with this treatment you can eliminate inches quickly and without risk;
  • Radio frequency Tripolar Cronus Body: to get one’s body more firm and toned, no sagging and no cellulite;
  • Endermologie LPG: this treatment allows you to do a lymphatic drainage to eliminate cellulite and combat fluid retention;
  • PowerShape: this therapy treatment, full body can be used in different parts of the body such as the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, knees, or arms, where you can lose several inches of fat, effectively and quickly;
  • BodyWave: this is the treatment that allows you to say goodbye to the sensation of swelling and heaviness in the legs;
  • Pressotherapy: this method promotes the weight loss, the acceleration of metabolism and the linfodrenagem;
  • Fotodepilação L600 body: say goodbye to always by the unwanted.

Check out all the other available treatments of the body in the clinics BodyScience:

  • Master Repair: to get a new skin, more uniform, more luminous and without blemishes;
  • Anti-aging BodySkin: with this treatment can counteract the premature aging of the skin;
  • Facial Peeling Ultrasonic: when you undergo this treatment you can leave in of the irregularities of your face;
  • PowerSkin: this method allows for a rejuvenation of skin is visible right after the first session;

Want to Stay in Shape This Is the Christmas Gift of Itself to Itself! 3

  • Radio frequency Tripolar Cronus Face: the ideal treatment to help rejuvenate and treat your skin;
  • PerfectSkin or how to get a skin each time more vivid, beautiful and rejuvenated;
  • Stop Acne System: this method help to achieve a skin more clean and homogeneous, clean your pores and say goodbye to acne from time to time;
  • Microdermabrasion: win a skin glowing and rejuvenated safely and without pain;
  • Fotodepilação L600 face: just as in the rest of the body, this treatment can also be applied on the face.